Armstrong Plumbing Drain Line Repair

Your plumbing works best when you never notice it. When you do notice a problem in the water flow of your home, chances are it’s in a drain. There are several possible issues you may be having with your drains: slow drainage, clogs, foul lingering odors, and gurgling noises. When your water is slowing or stopped, or you just need drain cleaning, that’s an issue that you want to leave to a professional. If your drains aren’t working right, smell funny, or frequently cause issues, it’s time to contact Armstrong Plumbing for help.

How Do We Repair and Clean?

Given our years of experience, we always inspect the issue thoroughly so that the solution we provide is economical and practical. Many issues can be solved with a simple cleaning via drain snakes or augers. These are specialized tools that the trained experts at Armstrong Plumbing are happy to use in your drain line repair and cleaning.

Sometimes, drain issues are more complicated or indicative of long-standing issues from overtaxed plumbing. It’s quite common in a city as old as St. Louis for your plumbing to also be made from older materials like copper instead of the more modern PVC piping. These kinds of problems require more comprehensive solutions, which Armstrong Plumbing has the tools to fix. This can mean replumbing a part or all of your system. If this is the case, we would provide you a complete picture of the problem and our potential solution so that you would know exactly how we are proposing to repair the issue. While it can be unpleasant to replace portions or the entirety of the plumbing in your home, this can also save you enormous amounts of money down the line in protection from water damage to your walls and foundation.

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How Can You Protect Your Drains?

If you’re interested in doing what you can to protect your investment, we understand. Here are some simple, practical reminders to maintain the integrity of your plumbing:

  • Avoid dumping oil or grease down your drains.

  • Use your garbage disposal sparingly, and especially avoid animal bones, coffee grounds, eggshells, fibrous vegetables, fruit pits, pasta, and rice.

  • Grab a hair trap at the hardware store for your bathroom sink and tub drains.

  • Add a regular cleaning of your drains to your schedule–use a combination of baking soda, vinegar, and hot water for the best results.

Why Trust Armstrong Plumbing?

Armstrong Plumbing has thirty years of expertise in the St. Louis area; even with a city as old as ours, there are no surprises we can’t handle. Our compassionate customer service team is ready to receive you, and often we are able to arrange for same day service. 

No matter what your drain problem is, the solution is always to contact Armstrong Plumbing. Call Armstrong Plumbing today at 636-530-7555 to schedule an appointment. Armstrong Plumbing will help!