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Saint Louis Garbage Disposal Repair And Replacement

Your kitchen is probably the busiest room in your home. From busy breakfasts to family dinners, a lot of time and energy is spent in this one room. This is why you need all of your appliances to work, every time. Most people don't think to much about their appliances in their kitchen, especially not their garbage disposal. But when the garbage disposal stops working it can quickly become clear that this one appliance is very important. 

A broken garbage disposal can cause stagnant water, unpleasant odors, and a disgusting mess in your kitchen. When the garbage disposal stops working, cleaning up in the kitchen becomes that much harder for everyone.

Don’t let this problem destroy dinnertime! For everything from clogged drains to leaks, Armstrong Plumbing is your Saint Louis area garbage disposal specialists. Our decades of experience have taught us how to tackle plumbing problems both large and small. From repairing minor issues to replacing your garbage disposal, we can often make the repairs the same day you call.

We have seen it all, and we know the best way to repair problems the first time. If you are in need of a new garbage disposal system, or if you are having trouble with your current system give us a call today! 

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If you notice that your garbage disposal is stuck or jammed, or if you notice a strange humming sound when you use it, there may be a problem in the grind chamber.  Our plumbing professionals can:

  • Trouble-shoot common disposal issues

  • Locate and repair leaks

  • Clean out obstructions and unclog drains

  • Repair or replace the flywheel, blades, or other garbage disposal parts

Working in the plumbing industry for decades, we have seen almost every type of clog, break, and plumbing problem, but the solution is always the same. Simply reach out to Armstrong Plumbing for a quick and easy service call.