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Smart Home Plumbing installation

The power of home automation systems can be profound, connecting you with your home even from far away. With the touch of an app, homeowners can connect to a myriad of appliances. Perhaps even more importantly, many of these smart home appliances can connect to each other, adding another layer of security. The best smart home devices can vary based on the unique needs of your home but many of the most valuable ones protect your investment in your home. One such tool comes from Moen, a leader in plumbing technology.


Flo by MOEN

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Flo by Moen, is an all in one security system for your home water. It was developed based on a simple philosophy, the best way to avoid water damage in your home is to prevent it. Installed on the main water supply, the Smart Water Shut-Off can monitor all water coming into the home. The three smart sensors actively monitor water flow, pressure, and temperature; allowing the program to detect and protect the home from problems like leaks, burst pipes, and other issues. This technology allows you full control from your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Even better, if you are away from home or your phone Flo by Moen will automatically shut off your water supply when it senses an emergency.

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