Sump Pump Installation & Repair Services St. Louis

Keep your basement safe and dry with sump pump installation or repair. Armstrong's Licensed Plumbers are ready to fix any issue fast.

Saint Louis Sump Pump Installation and Repair


As midwesterners, we know how quickly rainy or icy weather can do a number on the pipes and flood the basement. Standing water is never a good thing and sump pumps, when working correctly, help to push stagnant water out of basements and crawl spaces. When excess water overwhelms a plumbing system, you may need a sump pump to get water out of your home.

A sump pump is a type of pumping system used to remove standing water from a basement or low-level area. These machines collect accumulated water and pump it out of the location. Depending on your situation and the severity of the problem, Armstrong Plumbing professionals can recommend the right equipment at the best price. For low lying areas or places prone to flooding a sump pump can be a wise investment. 

Many modern sump pumps do more than just keep basements free from flooding. Now, many are equipped with sensors and alarms to allow the homeowner to know if there is any issue with the system. We install sump pumps, and perform the required regular maintenance to make sure they work reliably. We can even be there same day for repairs and maintenance. 

Value Added

Armstrong Plumbing goes above and beyond to provide not only quality service, but added value to every job. Sump Pump services include the following:

Fixed Pricing Provides install of one (1) Zoeller M53 D Automatic Sump Pump with new Check Valve and connection to existing discharge. (Price excludes any electrical services required.)

Sump Pump Battery Back-Up Option also available. Includes connection to primary discharge line above pit and check valve. (Additional to Sump Pump price)

If you are struggling with flooding or standing water in your home or business, perhaps a sump pump system can help. Contact the sump pump experts at Armstrong Plumbing for any of your plumbing needs today!  

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Sump Pump Repair or Replacement

If your sump pump has stopped working, or you notice signs of water damage near your device, let our plumbing experts know right away. We can diagnose the problem and recommend whether a repair or replacement is in order. We treat the following issues:

  • Wrong unit size

  • Clogged intake screen

  • Non-working float switch

  • Airlock malfunction

  • And more

Sump pumps generally run well for 10 years or more. However, like any other home appliance, they can fail. That’s why it’s important to take care of routine maintenance regularly, before flood season hits you without warning. Keep your home free of water and mold; let us take care of these maintenance needs for you. 

If your sump pump needs repair, let one of our plumbing professionals know.